How do I access My InWebo?

User F.A.Q. >  My InWebo

The connection to your My InWebo account is secured by a strong authentication. You can connect to My InWebo from any InWebo application for Mac & PC associated to your account by clicking on the "My InWebo" button of the InWebo browser extension.

You may also access My InWebo without the application. You then have access to limited features of your account, such as:

  • Downloading InWebo application on your computer. Remember to only install the application on your  own computers, or on computers you use regularly, not on a public computer such as an Internet coffees (use nCode instead when your work on a public computer)
  • Lock your InWebo mobile application if you have lost your mobile phone
  • Request your account restoration, in case you have lost access to all InWebo authentication tools