How do I get nCode and Authenticator?

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  • iPhone and iPad: search for 'inwebo' in the Appstore, or click here
  • Android: search for 'inwebo' in Android Market or click here
  • Blackberry: search for 'inwebo' in Blackberry App World (or click here) or type in the browser on your Blackberry
  • Any other mobile phone: enter in the browser on your phone. nCode download portal will automatically detect your phone model and push the right nCode version. Then read and follow installation instructions. In some cases, if the phone cannot be recognized, you will be proposed a version that should work for your phone. Note: some of In-Webo partner sites and services propose to receive a short text message containing the download url, so that you do not have to type it in the phone browser.

Once installed, the app must be activated.