How do I activate Helium ? How do I get a Secure Site ID ?

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InWebo Helium needs to be activated, i.e. personnalized for your own use. To do this, you have to enter a Secure Site ID (9-digit code, also called 'Activation code'). You will then have to define your "InWebo password": this is a secret information that ensures that only you can thoroughly use Helium.

How to obtain this Secure Site ID depends on your situation:

If this is your first contact with InWebo, the Secure Site ID should have been given to you by an InWebo partner Web Site, for which you will use InWebo to authenticate from now on. If you don't have it and simply want to understand what InWebo and Helium can be used for, you can get one from InWebo demo site. Activating Helium will create a My InWebo account for you.
If you already have InWebo, you can get the Secure Site ID from your My InWebo account (Go to 'My devices') or using InWebo nCode / Authenticator (Tools > Activate a new device).
If you want to unlock Helium, You can get the recovery code either from your My InWebo account, or by contacting the InWebo partner site for which you are using InWebo authentication. If you filled your email address is your My InWebo account, you can also click on the link "Receive a recovery code by email" directly on Helium.